WSA & RSVP Tooling announce Baublies Precision Burnishing Tools!

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Wolverine Sales Associates is a Proud Sponsor of Donnert Racing, Owosso, MI

Welcome to Wolverine Sales Associates!

Someone once said, “you are only as good as the company you keep”.  Well, I have taken this statement to heart and built my business around the best-in-class companies to represent.  Each providing state of the art products designed to help the user reduce cost by increasing efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

The biggest waste in most shops around the country is downtime due to setup and changeovers.   With product like the Jergens Inc., Ball-Lock and ZPS (zero-point-system), along with the Midaco Corp. pallet changers, we attack this issue head on with a variety of quick-change options to fit most application and budgets.   A number of these options include automation, which is now affordable for even the smallest of shops.

We also focus on some very unique products, such as KME CNC, 5-Axis tombstone and trunnions, Mimatic Tool System, PolyMill threading and grooving systems, and their Multi-Spindle drilling tools.  Also, RSVP Tooling Inc., thread rolling, spline rolling and knurling systems.

Offering good product is one thing.  Knowing how to get the best out of the product is quite another.  We pride ourselves in knowing the product we sell, and passing that knowledge on to the customer.  Selling the right product for the right application is very important.  Additionally, all the companies we represent provide excellent applications and technical support to assure the customer is satisfied with their purchase decision.